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Surviving Suicidal Ideation - Author Discussion

South Bay Families Connected, Beach Cities Health District and {pages} a bookstore welcome Gina Cavalier who will be discussing her book, Surviving Suicidal Ideation.

A comprehensive book to help individuals and families experiencing suicidal ideation find proven techniques and pathways to healing, all from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Surviving Suicidal Ideation embarks on a profound journey with a unique combination of memoir-style storytelling from co-author Gina Cavalier of her experience with living with suicidal ideation along with cutting edge brain therapy and compassionate support from clinical therapist Amelia Kelley, PhD. The book provides guidance and support for individuals dealing with suicidal ideation, as well as support for families and significant others. The authors incorporate a unique approach to healing by combining practical exercises, resources, and thought-provoking prompts to provide a holistic approach to this traumatic experience. In addition, the book includes Emanuel Swedenborg's quintessential quotes and teachings to help mentor readers toward healing and joy.

Gina Cavalier shares her personal story of the struggle with suicidal ideation and how she became committed to healing herself. She provides proven holistic and spiritual methods to overcome this ordeal through her company, The Liberated Healer. Amelia Kelly, PhD provides insight into the underlying causes, stages, and powerful emotions that shape the experience of having suicidal thoughts. Her professional expertise offers a clinical perspective that complements Cavalier's approach. Together, they provide a harmonious approach to suicide prevention, with sensitivity and clarity, while debunking prevalent myths surrounding this issue.

Dr. Kelley and Cavalier provide nonjudgmental guidance that enables the reader to develop self-compassion and work toward a positive future filled with hope and resilience.

In the book, they address:

  • Finding Purpose, Daily Practices & Building Support
  • Myths surrounding suicide, self-injury, trauma, addiction, and depression
  • Traumatized Children, Soldier Suicide & Poverty
  • The Phases of Suicidal Ideation
  • Steps for Healing
  • Alternative Modalities for Healing
  • Exploring Spirituality and Mindfulness
  • Forgiveness of Yourself and Others
  • The Science and Power of Hope (and your personal plan for going forwar

This is a free event. Please share with anyone who you might be interested or benefit from attending this event.

Thursday, July 18, 2024 - 7:00pm
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904 Manhattan Avenue Pages,
90266 Manhattan Beach, , CA
United States
California US